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Hero Realms Buying Guide

Hero Realms is a game that is very easy to get into with the base set, but also allows you to extend your playthrough with some expansions like character packs and even a campaign! I absolutely love Hero Realms as it's such an easy game to play and teach to other people. So let's see all the things you need to know to get started with Hero Realms and also what things you should buy.

How can I get started with Hero Realms?

To get started with Hero Realms, you only really need one box. The core box gives you enough cards to play the games with 4 players. The core box is very cheap for the amount of content you get, so it's a very good buy if you want to play a small game with some friends.

How to play Hero Realms?

Hero Realms is a very easy game to play. In Hero Realms everyone starts with the same deck of cards and a starting health total of 50. Each card can give you three types of resources: Health, Combat, and Coins. Health allows you to increase your health with the amount indicated. Combat allows you to deal damage to your enemy and bring his health total down. Coins allow you to buy new and better cards that'll you put in your deck. Your opponent loses when you get him to 0 health. If you're the only person alive, you win the game.

What types of expansions does Hero Realms have?

Hero Realms has a few different types of expansions. You have the expansion packs that allow you to pick heroes to start with instead of everyone having the same deck at the start. Then you have the campaign decks that allow you to play a campaign with friends or on your own. And then there are some more expansions that allow you to add new cards to your core game for new experiences.

What are Hero Realms Character Packs

Character Packs allow you to start with a different starting deck than the default starting decks. Characters have special cards and each plays a different way. They also have the ability to trigger an ability for 2 coins each turn and have a very strong but one use action that you can use in the game. The best way to experience the character packs is to buy one for every player because the character packs are a direct upgrade of the default starting decks. You'll need the core box to be able to use the character packs and you'll need the character packs to be able to play the campaign decks.

What are Hero Realms campaign decks?

Hero Realms also has campaign decks. A campaign deck is a deck containing cards that you'll use to start your campaign with friends or on your own. In between missions, you'll be able to upgrade your heroes with new skills, equipment, or other cards that you can add to your character starting deck. And you'll be needing those cards as the campaign will get more difficult the further you go. You need the character packs for each player and the core box to be able to play the campaign decks!

What other expansions does Hero Realms have?

Hero Realms also has some other expansions that you are able to add to your game. These packs range from adding new cards to the core box with some new mechanics to packs that extend on the campaign decks with new enemies to play against. Make sure to check out what boxes you need so you can play the different expansions.

Where to buy Hero Realms?

Now that you have all the information on the various different types of expansions, versions, and editions. It's time to find the best place to buy the game. Budgetboardgaming shows the prices of most of the game stores out there! Just try out the search and see what is available for you. Is there a store missing? Contact us and we'll see if we can get it added to the website.

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