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Marvel Champions Buyers Guide (Updated 2022)

So, you've been reading about this game called Marvel Champions or even played it already at a friend or at Tabletop Simulator and now you want to know what you need to get into the game? Well, this is the best place to start out!

Do I need to have a Marvel Champions core set?

No, you don't need to have a core set to be able to play Marvel Champions. You can buy a villain expansion together with a hero expansion and you're able to start playing right away. However, it isn't really worth it, because the core set provides much more value for your money. While the core box is more expansive than two expansions, you'll get 3 villains and a total of 5 heroes in the core box that'll last you a lot longer than just the 1 hero and the 1 villain.

Do I need multiple core sets?

You don't need multiple core sets to get started. The core set will come with a total of 350 cards containing 5 heroes, 3 villains, and a lot of cards to build your decks. You're able to use 4 heroes in a game, so you'll have 1 hero that you swap in after each game. The core set will allow you to play solo, two players, three players, and even with four players! However, if you want all players to be able to play with the same aspect at the same time, you'll need to have more core boxes. But you'll usually be fine with just one core box.

What sort of expansions does Marvel Champions have?

Marvel Champions has three different types of expansions. You have Hero packs, Villain packs, and an Expansion box. Each of these expansions offers different ways to play. None of the expansions are needed to enjoy Marvel Champions. You can skip expansions that do not look exciting for you and only buy the ones that you really want. Expansions are released every month, so if you want to keep up with every release, you can expect to spend a good amount of money on this game.

What are Marvel Champions Hero Packs?

Marvel Champions Hero Packs allow you to play a new hero card along with new cards. The typical hero pack consists of a hero card depicting your hero, hero cards that belong to that hero, and aspect cards that you'll be able to play in any deck. Hero packs can also contain reprints of older cards, so not all the cards could be new cards!

The Hero pack will come with a pre-built deck, so you are able to play with the hero right away. The aspect cards allow you to explore new archetypes of already existing heroes. If you are like to play aggression spider-man, you'll be able to add new cards to that deck after you've bought Thor. Hero Packs also allow you to easily join an already existing group of Marvel Champions players.

If someone already has a core box, you'll be able to start playing with them after getting a hero pack. So you'll be able to try out the game for a cheap price before really diving into it.

What are Marvel Champions Scenario Packs?

Marvel Champions also has Scenario Packs. These packs contain a Villain with their Schemes. Villains also come with a lot of encounter cards that'll add a lot of replayability to the game. Scenario packs also usually come with modules that you'll be able to add to different Scenarios to make them more difficult or more interesting.

So far we've had one Scenario pack that didn't include any modules (Wrecking Crew), but that one was a very different Scenario pack from what we were used to. So remember to always read what each Scenario pack will contain!

What are Marvel Champions Expansion Boxes?

Marvel Champions also has expansion boxes. These boxes all have a certain theme and campaign mode that tells a story in the Marvel Universe. The campaign mode is very cool and even has its own art telling the story that is happening. Each battle in the campaign (5 in total) will have its own comic to tell you what is happening. Along with that, you'll also get campaign-specific cards that can only be used in that campaign. These are cards that can be bought throughout the campaign by earning points. If you do a better job defeating the villain, then you will get more points to spend.

Next to the campaign mode, the expansion boxes will contain 2 new heroes and 5 new villains. These can be played separately from the campaign itself, so if you don't like the campaign aspect of it, then you still get a lot of new content that you can play with.

You cannot start your collection with this expansion box because you'll be missing vital modules that are needed for the different villain fights!

Can you play Marvel Champions solo?

Yes, Marvel Champions can be played solo. And this is true solo, not two-handed solo like some other games have. Marvel Champions scales with the number of players playing. This means that if you are playing with four people, the game won't suddenly become easier or more difficult and the same applies when you are playing solo.

So what do I need?

That's a lot of information to take in just now. If you are interested in playing this game, then your best start will be the core box. Unless you already know someone who owns the core box. In that case, you can try it out first with his cards or buy a hero pack to join with your own cards.

After buying the core box, you can decide on expanding your collection with a hero pack, scenario pack, or even an expansion box. But play this game at your own pace as trying to keep up can be difficult, especially as some expansions are very hard to get by sometimes.

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Where to buy Marvel Champions LCG?

Now that you have all the information on the various different types of expansions, versions, and editions. It's time to find the best place to buy the game. Budgetboardgaming shows the prices of most of the game stores out there! Just try out the search and see what is available for you. Is there a store missing? Contact us and we'll see if we can get it added to the website.

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