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The Complete Marvel Crisis Protocol Buyer's Guide

What is Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

Marvel Crisis Protocol is the newest Marvel miniature game produced by Atomic Mass Games. In this game, you team up with other heroes or villains and battle against another team consisting of heroes of villains. Use your powers, abilities, and also the terrain around you to damage the opponent and eventually defeat them. This game is a 2 player game.

Marvel Crisis Protocol consists of a core game and can be extended with various expansions. Expansions are released each month. So if you want to stay up to date, you'll most likely be spending quite a lot of money on the game each month.

Each mission is played out differently. A mission is based on crisis cards that randomly get chosen as the start of the game. This also determines the number of points that you are allowed to use in your team. Each character has a certain number of points, so sometimes you won't be able to assemble the team that you want.

Along with your characters, you're also able to select some team tactic cards. These give you additional powers in the game.

How many core sets do I need?

The good thing about this game is that you'll only need one core set to get started. The core set comes with a total of 10 characters. This includes 5 heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Spider-Man) and 5 villains (Red Skull, Ultron, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Doctor Octopus). The core set also includes various other items like measurement tools and environment. This is the complete list of the content of the core set:

  • 10 character miniatures

  • 10 bases

  • 1 Daily Bugle Stand

  • 2 cars

  • 2 dumpsters

  • 2 traffic lights

  • 2 lampposts

  • 170 tokens

  • 20 team tactics cards

  • 3 map cards

  • 2 affiliation cards

  • 10 character stat cards

  • 6 objective cards

  • 3 movement tools

  • 4 range tools

  • 1 learn to play booklet

  • 10 dice

What types of expansions does Marvel Crisis Protocol have?

There are currently a lot of expansions available for Marvel Crisis Protocol to get and there are three types of expansions that you can get:

  • Character packs: These are usually two characters that you can use in the game. Sometimes it's only one character due to the size of the model.
  • Terrain packs: While the core set has some terrain to play with, it usually won't be enough for a big game. A terrain expansion gives you a lot of other terrain items to use on the battlefield.
  • Game mat: It's also possible to get a game mat for the game. This can be combined with a terrain pack for a very nice battlefield.

What does a character pack contain?

A character pack usually contains the following items:

  • One or two characters with their corresponding character card
  • Team tactic cards
  • Crisis cards

It's always good to check if your expansion contains team tactics or crisis cards. Some expansions have them and some don't.

What expansions are essential?

There isn't really any expansion that you need right away. However, it's good to know about affiliations. Each character is a part of an affiliation (and some are part of multiple affiliations). While your team doesn't have all have to be part of the same affiliation, it'll grant you special effects if they are. So, if you are looking at expansions to get, it might be a good idea to take a look at what affiliation you find interesting and start there.

If you are still not sure what to get. These expansions are probably your best bet:

  • Black Panther & Killmonger: This expansion allows you to add one new character to both sides of the core set affiliations. You can then buy another Wakanda expansion to be able to play with the Wakanda affiliation.
  • Thor & Valkyrie and Loki & Hela: This expansion allows you to play with the Asgard affiliation, but you can also use Thor with the Avengers affiliation and Loki with the Cabal affiliation (The affiliations that are in the core set).

Where to buy Marvel Crisis Protocol?

Now that you have all the information on the various different types of expansions, versions, and editions. It's time to find the best place to buy the game. Budgetboardgaming shows the prices of most of the game stores out there! Just try out the search and see what is available for you. Is there a store missing? Contact us and we'll see if we can get it added to the website.

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