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About this game

Floe will take you on a heroic journey across the Iceberg Sea. Choose your path and leave your mark on the realm. What type of hero will you be?
Will you…
Explore the ever-changing iceberg islands and discover long-lost secrets? Sail the windy waves in search of sunken treasure and daring adventure? Fight fearsome monsters on your journey into the frozen heart of the ice?
Or you can kick back and enjoy some kelp noodle soup—the choice is yours! In Floe, there are many ways to be a hero.
On each turn, you take actions by drawing tiles from a shared bag—or by returning previously drawn tiles to the bag. These actions allow you to activate your hero, sail your boat, add new regions to the map, and draw cards into your hand.
Floe features a unique region-to-region movement system that allows heroes and sailboats to navigate the realm with ease: only the natural shapes of the ice and seas are used to determine movement—so you’ll never be counting squares on a grid.
You can build an engine by leveling up your character, upgrading your signature weapon, constructing new buildings, and acquiring powerful magic items. The first player to place all their Floe sigils by completing heroic challenges is the winner.
-description from publisher