Where to buy Fortune and Glory: Treasure Hunters


Fortune and Glory: Treasure Hunters, the second expansion for Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game, adds tons of new cards, a new personal mission deck giving heroes extra bonus objectives, two new villains to fight, and four new heroes to play, including Grant Jackson, a rough and tumble soldier of fortune, Nigel Harrington, the big game hunter, and Angel Espinoza, the daring mechanic who's ready to make her mark on the world! Adventure awaits as these new treasure hunters set out to find fortune and glory! Components 1 Full-Color Rulebook 4 Unique Hero Figures 2 Unique Villain Figures 4 Large Hero Character Sheets 1 Die-Cut Counter Sheet 70 new cards: 20 Personal Missions 15 Dangers 3 Common Items 4 Gear 4 Allies 2 Enemies 10 Events 3 City 3 Artifacts 3 Adventures 2 Villains 1 Villain Event

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