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Best Unmatched Digital Characters (Updated 2023)

Unmatched is a game that I have covered a lot on this website already, but recently a new addition to the Unmatched universe was released: Unmatched Digital Edition. This allows you to play Unmatched on your phone, laptop, or even on your Switch! Playing Unmatched against AI or against other players all over the world. Among the available fighters, some stand out as the best in the game. In this article, we will explore the top 3 fighters in Unmatched Digital Edition for 2023.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red is a very strong character, but can also be very difficult to play with. Her mechanic is that she has a basket with symbols and if you are able to line those symbols up, then your cards will become a lot stronger. Though, lining up the symbols requires you to think ahead of time, and if your opponent attack you often, it can be difficult to play the correct cards.

But if you are able to line the cards up successfully, then Little Red becomes very strong. Along with a lot of auto-damage, she also has a lot of healing through her sidekick. Little Red is able to pivot midway through the game if needed and try to win through exhaustion due to the amount of healing that she has. 

Her main drawback is that, if you aren't able to line up your symbols, then she is good at best. If your opponent is able to aggressive, then Little Red can easily get into trouble.


2. Bigfoot

Unmached Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a very consistent fighter. He is able to draw an extra card at the end of his turn if there are no other characters in his zone. And this is optional, so if he gets close to the end of his deck, then he can choose to stop drawing the extra cards. Bigfoot comes with some great attack cards along with some auto-damage from his sidekick.

Bigfoot is able to keep up the pace through his extra draw and to keep attacking the opponent. His attacks will usually be higher than their defenses, so damage can be guaranteed. Bigfoot also has a total of 5 cancel cards, so he is great against fighters that rely on an effect on their cards to deal damage. 


1. Medusa

Unmatched Medusa

Medusa is one of the fighters that you get with the base game and is easily the best fighter in the whole game. Even against any future characters, she always has the best chance to beat them and most matches will usually be an uphill battle for your opponent. 

What makes Medusa this strong is that she is ranged and has a lot of very good attacks. She is able to consistently make the opponent discard their cards while they also want to be able to block the very powerful cards that Medusa will throw at them.

Her ability is also very good. If at the start of her turn, an opponent is in her zone, then she is able to deal one damage to them. One damage doesn't sound like a lot, but because this is in her zone, it makes it very annoying for melee fighters to approach her as that damage will stack up throughout the game. It also clears out any sidekick that is in her zone as sidekicks have one health.

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