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Gloomholdin' is an 18-card, no-table-needed version of Gloomhaven. It can be played completely in your hand, but I provide a way to play it on-table as well.
REGARDING SPOILERS: If you haven't played Gloomhaven, you won't be spoiled on much with Gloomholdin'. You'll see the the names and art for a number of monsters and items from Gloomhaven, but that's about it. Gloomholdin' has its own plot line, so you won't be spoiled on any of Gloomhaven's campaign details.
I want to say a huge thank you to Cephalofair Games for giving their blessing to post Gloomholdin’ for free download, and for granting permission to use original Gloomhaven art, characters, lore, etc. Please be respectful of Cephalofair Games' generosity and only use Gloomholdin' as a free print and play game for personal use.
—from the designer