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All Godtear Expansions (Updated 2023)

Godtear is a competitive miniatures skirmish game by Steamforged Games. While the starter box is enough to get started with the game, you'll want to get expansions for the game after some time. This is because the expansions give you more champions to play with and more synergy throughout your team.

Because champions can be of 4 types, it's important to map out your team before committing to it. I couldn't find any good list with all the current expansions/champion types, so I've decided on creating my own so that everyone else is also able to use it.

If you aren't aware of the champion types, then here they are again:

  • Guardians (blue) - gain bonus points for scoring a banner in the end phase
  • Slayers (red) - gain bonus points for knocking out enemy Champions
  • Shapers (green) - gain bonus points for placing a banner in the plot phase
  • Maelstroms (yellow) - gain bonus points for knocking out enemy followers

So, let's get started with the list of expansions for Godtear.

Godtear Expansions

Name Champions Champion Type Additional Mini's
Eternal Glade Shaper & Slayer Nia
3 Quartzlings
5 Cold Bones
The Borderlands Guardian & Maelstrom Finvarr
3 Shadow Sentinels
5 Glory Seekers
Skullbreaker Slayer Skullbreaker 4 Tooth Bearer
Sneaky Peet Slayer Sneaky Peet 3 Sneaky Stabber
Shayle Shaper Shayle 1 Landslide
Rhodri Guardian Rhodri 4 Household Guard
Rattlebone Shaper Rattlebone 5 Hexling
Rangosh Slayer Rangosh 5 Red Bandit
Raith'Marid Shaper Raith'Marid 3 Splashling
Mournblade Guardian Mournblade 3 Knightshade
Lorsann Slayer Lorsann 3 Mistwood Ranger
Halftusk Guardian Halftusk 3 Froglodyte
Grimgut Maelstrom Grimgut 5 Retchling
Blackjaw Maelstrom Blackjaw 5 Unburnt Reaver
Luella Maelstrom Luella 3 Shield Maiden
Keera Slayer Keera 2 Young Dragon
Jeen Maelstrom Jeen 4 Golden Shrike
Styx Shaper Styx 2 Abyssal Hounds
Maxen Slayer Maxen 5 Gearhawk
Helena Guardian Helena 6 Rallied Peasant
Kailinn Maelstrom Kailinn 2 Virtue
Jaak Guardian Jaak 5 Cauldron Crony
Lily Shaper Lily 5 Thornlings

And those are all the expansions for the board game Godtear. I hope this comes in handy when buying your next champions. Let me know if you spot any errors in this list or if you have any improvements for it.

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