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Posted by Patrick

Top 5 Marvel Champions Expansions

Marvel Champions has become one of my favorite games this year. Just the amount of content and replayability has made the game a very good game to pick up each week. And it's also just easy to pick and teach to other people. 

The game has been published by Fantasy Flight Games who also made the very popular Arkham Horror LCG. The Marvel Champions game sees an expansion every month. There are three different types of expansions and if you are just getting started, it might be a good idea to read our Marvel Champions Buyers Guide first. With so many expansions coming out, you might just want to see which expansions are the best to pick up and which ones you'll probably want to skip on. Of course, you can always add a price watch to the expansion that you really want. Who knows, maybe it'll go on a big sale one day.

Ranking the best 5 Marvel Champions expansions is kinda difficult to do. There are some heroes that might suit your playstyle better than others. However, I hope that by listing my favorites, that I might help you on your way to finding the best expansions for you.

Here are, in my opinion, the best Marvel Champions expansions:

  1. Rise of the Red Skull
  2. Doctor Strange
  3. Captain America
  4. Green Goblin
  5. Black Widow


Rise of the Red Skull

The Rise of the Red Skull expansion is my favorite expansion of all the expansions released so far. It just has so much content that you could just skip the normal hero and villain expansions and only get these expansions. Rise of the Red Skull comes with 2 heroes, 5 villains, modules, and a campaign that you can play through. I think while not the best heroes, they both have their own playstyle and probably suit most players. The villains all feel different to play against and come with a lot of ranging difficulty and replayability. This is the best expansion so far!


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange introduced the Marvel Champions world to mythical powers. He comes with his own spell deck, which is different from your main deck. It contains very powerful spells that can easily turn the tide in battle. Thematically Doctor Strange is just amazing. You can make a control deck that blocks the damage of the villain and tries to combo his most powerful spells or you can make a combo deck that tries to cast multiple powerful spells in a single turn. Doctor Strange is a powerful hero, and I think he'll appeal to a lot of players. It might be a bit tricky to get him working sometimes, but when it does, it's very satisfying.


Captain America

Marvel Champions Captain America Expansion

Captain America was the first hero to be introduced as an expansion. This was kinda to be expected as he is such an iconic figure within the Marvel Universe. Captain America is a hero which has a very strong toolkit by itself. This means that he can fit into a lot of playstyles. However, this also means that he never really shines in each playstyle. He is just solid overall. That's not a bad thing, but it might be a bit boring for some players. I don't mind as he is solid enough to get through most villains.


Green Goblin

The only villain expansion on this list. Green Goblin was also the first villain expansion for this game. While I think the first villain in this expansion is just very boring and not worth the time to play against, I think the second villain is a lot better. This villain focuses a lot of minions, which promotes some minion combat and I think that's a good thing. He is also just very difficult with the right modules which I think the game was kinda lacking before this expansion. While the villains aren't that great as Rise of the Red Skull, I still feel like this is a very solid villain expansion.


Black Widow


Black Widow is a very interesting hero as it utilizes the alter-ego side like no other heroes has done before. In alter-ego mode, you set up traps that trigger on the hero side. If you manage to set up all the traps at the correct timings, you can really lock the villain out of the game. Along with that, some of the traps can also be used by other heroes