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Upcoming Unmatched Sets (Updated 2023)

A lot of people love the Unmatched board game and they usually love the expansions that come with the game as well. Unmatched has a lot of expansions, if you want to know all the expansions that Unmatched currently has, you can check out our list of all Unmatched expansions.

But we are not talking about all Unmatched expansions in this post, we are talking about the upcoming Unmatched sets. What sets are coming up in the coming years and what release date do they have?


Genie vs Houdini

Genie vs Houdini is the next unmatched expansion after the T-Rex expansion. Genie vs Houdini was created as a fan-created set. This set won the Design Contest that Restoration Games set out to do. However, due to the number of great entries, Restoration Games actually selected multiple winners in that contest which we will hear more about later.

Genie vs Houdini is currently released in America and should arrive in Europe at the end of December or somewhere in January. Keep an eye on the product page so that you know when it gets available in your area. The content of this set has already been revealed in a box opening by ZeroSkatr12, one of the best Unmatched players in the community. 


Teen Spirit & For King and Country

After the initial two Unmatched Marvel sets: Redemption Row & Hell's Kitchen, there are two more Marvel Sets planned: Teen Spirit & For King and Country. These have both been revealed with their box art this year.


Unmatched: For King and Country
For King and Country box art
Unmatched: Teen Spirit
Teen Spirit box art

For King and Country will include the fighters: Black Widow, Black Panther & Winter Soldier. Teen Spirit will include the fighters: Squirrel Girl, Cloak & Dagger & Ms Marvel.


We do know some cards for Teen Spirit as it is currently available in the store: https://restorationgames.com/shop/marvel-teen-spirit-unmatched/. These are the foil cards that are shown on the website:

Unmatched Teen Spirit Foil Cars

And on the store, we are also able to see the abilities of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl:

Ms. Marvel: At the start of your turn, you may move Ms. Marvel one space. Ms. Marvel can attack from up to 2 spaces away (ignoring zones).

Squirrel Girl: At the start of your turn, summon a squirrel in a space adjacent to Squirrel Girl. Squirrels are small fighters. Do not start with any squirrels on the board.


At this moment, we are not sure what small fighters mean. We'll probably find out in the future.

We also don't know anything about the cards that are included with King and Country. According to some pages on various online stores, both these sets will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Shakespeare vs Rosie

Shakespeare vs Rosie the Riveter is another set that was a winner in the design contest that we talked about earlier. And that is the only information that we have about this set. We know that the fighters will be William Shakespeare vs Rosie the Riveter, but there is little known about the set at this moment.

We can expect this set to release somewhere next year if the above sets all reach their deadlines. Expect more information about this set around the time that the Marvel sets will release.


And that is all the information that we have about these sets. Are you looking forward to them or do you think the themes are not for you? What would you like to see Unmatched move towards next? Let me know by tagging @budgetboardgam1 on Twitter so that I can see your answer.


Thank you for reading and until next time!

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