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Spirit Island All Expansions (Updated 2023)

Spirit Island is a board game that was released in 2017 by Greater Than Games on Kickstarter. The Spirit Island Kickstarter raised a total of $84,176 through the pledges of 1178 backers in 2015 and was fully shipped to all backs in 2017. In the years after that, it gained a lot more popularity and is currently sitting on the 11th spot in the ranking on BoardGameGeek. That is quite an accomplishment.

Throughout the years, there were also new expansions released for Spirit Island. And if you are a big fan of the game, then you'll want to know which ones are available for you to get. This article will list all of the current expansions and any new/future expansions. There are currently 3 expansions for the game and also 2 promo packs that include less content.

I am personally a very big fan of this game, so these are all expansions that I personally vouch for and I can't wait to see what other expansions will be available for Spirit Island in the future.

But without further ado, let's get started with the expansion list. 

Spirit Island: Branch & Claw

Spirit Island: Branch and Claw

This expansion was also released in 2017, just like the base game. It was part of the original Kickstarter as a stretch goal. This expansion adds a lot of new content & mechanics to the game.

First off, it adds event cards. Event cards are resolved in every invader phase and have various effects. Some can be good for your island by adding new tokens (more on that in a bit) or the effects could work against your island and your spirits.

Talking about spirits, this expansion adds two new spirits to the roster:

  • Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds
  • Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves

These are both very interesting spirits that play around with the new tokens introduced.

And then finally the tokens. There are 4 new types of tokens in this expansion (Strife, Wild, Beasts, and Disease). These can be placed by certain cards or by the events in the event deck. The tokens each have a one-time use unique effect, except for the beast token, that helps you defend the island:

  • Wild: Prevents exploration to happen on the given land
  • Disease: Prevents building to happen on the given land
  • Strive: Prevents a selected invader from ravaging
  • Beast: Some cards require you to have a beast token somewhere, so this effect depends on the card used

Along with all that, it also adds some new things from mechanics already in the base game like:

  • 1 Adversary
  • 4 Scenarios
  • 21 Major Power and 31 Minor Power Cards
  • 26 Event Cards
  • 15 Fear Cards
  • 7 Blight Cards

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth

3 years after Spirit Island released a new expansion. This expansion was called Spirit Island: Jagged Earth and was released in 2020. This game was also first on Kickstarter. It started there in October 2018 and was finished in 2020. This time they managed to get $795,104 in funding. If you compare this with the initial $84,176 for the base game, you can see that Spirit Island is a really popular game.

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth was also a very big expansion in comparison to the Branch & Claw expansion. There were a few new mechanics, but this expansion mostly build upon the mechanics already present in the base game.

First off, this game gives you 10 new spirits to play with. This is already a lot more than the 2 in the Branch & Claw expansion. The 10 new spirits in Spirit Island: Jagged Earth are:

It is important to note here that there are no low complexity spirits. They are all moderate and higher and this expansion even introduces a new complexity level: Very High. Speaking of which. This expansion also includes aspects: new innate powers for the four low complexity spirits in the base game. 

There are also now the badland tokens. These increase the damage to the invaders & Dahan by 1. So this can help your island or just have you destroy all its inhabitants. Along with that, the game includes components to allow you to play with 6! people and has a way to play with split islands.

And if that wasn't enough yet, there is a ton more content in this expansion. The list of other content for Spirit Island: Jagged Earth is:

  • 2 Adversaries
  • 3 Scenarios
  • 2 Island boards
  • 23 Major Power and 33 Minor Power Cards
  • 30 Event Cards
  • 6 Fear Cards
  • 7 Blight Cards

This basically doubles all your content from the base set. Which might sound very appealing to you if you are a fan of the base game.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate is an expansion that hasn't been released yet. Nature Incarnate was announced on June 14th, 2022, and was successfully crowdfunded in November 2022.

This expansion focuses on a new mechanic called Incarna. Incarna is the physical manifestation of a spirit. This can be a tree or a figure moving throughout the island. These Incarna tokens act as a presence on the board and can also become empowered and give you more powerful actions.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate also comes with many new spirits. Some include the Incarna mechanic while others are more built around other existing mechanics. The spirits in Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate are:

  • Ember-Eyed Behemoth
  • Hearth-Vigil
  • Breath Of Darkness Down Your Spine
  • Relentless Gaze of the Sun
  • Towering Roots of the Jungle
  • Dances Up Earthquakes
  • Wandering Voice Keens Delirium
  • Wounded Waters Bleeding

Along with the new spirits also come new aspects. Aspects change the way that you play existing spirits. One of the aspects allows you to play Thunderspeaker with the Incarna mechanic. It'll give a lot more customizability when playing with other spirits. The aspects that are present are as follows:

  • Dark Fire - Shadows Flicker Like Flame: Shadow and Flame are one
  • Deeps Ocean’s Hungry Grasp: Return the island to the deeps, one land at a time
  • Encircle Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves: Predators lay in wait, surrounding their prey
  • Enticing Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares: More dreams, fewer nightmares
  • Haven Rivers Surge in Sunlight: A place of peace and rest for Dahan and Invaders alike
  • Intensify Shifting Memory of Ages: Strengthen your powers by tapping into past memories
  • Lair Lure of the Deep Wilderness: Trap Invaders in your lair, using them to bring you more
  • Locus Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island: Focus the Island’s Spirits on the place of your stirring slumber
  • Mentor Shifting Memory of Ages: Pass on lessons from your past to your friends and allies
  • Nourishing Vital Strength of the Earth: Revitalize the earth, the Dahan, and yourself
  • Regrowth A Spread of Rampant Green: Your destroyed presence shall return to the land
  • Sparking Lightning’s Swift Strike: Inspiration strikes
  • Spreading Hostility - Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds: Punish the Invaders for trespassing in your lands
  • Stranded Shroud of Silent Mist: Invaders have lost their way in the ever-shifting mists
  • Tactician Thunderspeaker: Prepare for the Invaders in advance
  • Tangles A Spread of Rampant Green: Wilds tear down the Invaders’ buildings
  • Transforming Heart of the Wildfire: The fire is a crucible of change, for better and for worse
  • Unconstrained Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves: Your beasts roam wherever they find prey
  • Violence Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares: Fill their dreams with your unbridled wrath
  • Warrior Thunderspeaker: Fight alongside the Dahan with your Incarna

And finally, there are some more items included in the box that you can play with:

  • 1 Adversary: Hapsburg Mining Expedition
  • Major and Minor Power Cards
  • Event Cards
  • Fear Cards
  • Blight Cards
  • Scenario

Promo Packs

While not exactly expansions in the name, I also want to talk about Promo Packs. Spirit Island has two Promo Packs (1 & 2) which include some new content.

Promo Pack 1

Promo Pack 1 is very easy. It only includes the following 2 spirits:

  • Heart of the Wildfire
  • Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island

Both of them have a high complexity rating.


Promo Pack 2

Promo Pack 2 has a bit more content than Promo Pack 1. Promo Pack 2 also comes with 2 spirits:

  • Downpour Drenches the World
  • Finder of Paths Unseen

But along with that, it also contains:

  • 1 Adversary
  • 2 Scenarios
  • 5 Fear Cards
  • 5 Aspects


Spirit Island: Feather and Flame

For players looking to buy both promo packs, it might be beneficial to take a look at Spirit Island: Feather and Flame. Both promo packs are bundled in this set so that you don't have to find both of the promo packs in a store. 

Will there be more expansions?

While there aren't any other announced expansions other than the ones listed here, it would be very strange if there are no other expansions coming in the future. With Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate right around the corner, it would be strange to stop there. I would expect there to be more Kickstarters after Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate is released everywhere, but that will probably take around 2 years.

And that is all! I hope this gives you a good explanation of what each set has so that you can decide on what to get for yourself. If you are planning to buy any of the sets above, maybe take a look at the website to see where you can a place to buy them. Due to the popularity of Spirit Island, it might be difficult to find some of the expansions.

But that is all for today. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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